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I assume we would need the following services/ setups. - Transfer customer data and orders from Magento to WordPress a) $250 for data transfer and database migration into WordPress b) $100 for changing password hashing algorithm ( By changing it users can login with their old password ) - Develop & Design woo-commerce based e-commerce website - Similar filter setup like you have on Magento - Automated functionalities like license distribution, abandoned cart, bulk price changes, QuickBooks order sync, coupon management, ticket management, email sync with newsletter platform etc - Analytics, catalogue and pixel/ conversion setups - Seo functionality - Manufacturer tagging - Access/ role management - Platform security and optimisations "To configure above all configuration" - $300 - Server setup : $100 Total charges: $250 + $100 + $300 + $100 = $750 Estimated Time : 1 month